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About "Valaam" section

In the northern part of Lake Ladoga, which was called Nyevo in the ancient times, there lie numerous islands, the largest of them being Valaam. The clear waters of the rough lake wash an archipelago, intruding into the shores of the Valaam islands. There the shores form most picturesque bays and straits, many of which serve as a shelter for vessels seeking refuge from the fury of waves. Wonderful pictures of high steep rocks reflecting in calm waters alternate with views of primeval forest standing on the bluffs of big and small islands. There is something simply not of this world in these rocks and waters. Valaam is home to the hostel monastery named "Spaso-Preobrazhensky" (devoted to our Savior's Transfiguration). The monastery was founded as early as the 10th century by Saint Fathers Sergiy and Herman according to the church tradition, with sketes (small and secluded monasteries) situated on the numerous outlying islands. Valaam is called the Northern Athos, the significance of the cloister for Orthodox Christianity in the North being compared with the significance of the Mountain of Athos for Orthodox Christianity of the Universe.

This section is a modest attempt to introduce Valaam, its past and present to you. In this crazy world permeated with the lust for easy money, "entertainment" and boasting of its technical achievements, we wanted to show that there still are islands of a different life and different aspirations. We wanted not only to show you Valaam, but to convey to you a particle of Valaam's spirit, a particle of our soul.

The "Valaam" section consists of the following subsections:

Homepage - the main page of the section. Here you can find news, information and read any new postings or updates to the page.

On Valaam - a tour of Valaam. Here you will get accuainted with Valaam and its other points of interest: nature, sketes, churches, its past and present; you will also see a map of the Valaam islands.

The annals of Valaam - this section is devoted to the history of Valaam from its most ancient times to present.

Patericon - here we will tell you about devotees and staryestas (wise hermits) of Valaam. Here you will see the humble labourers and prayerful asetics, to whom people came from all over old Russia, seeking consolation and solution of questions. Wise elders of the Great Northern Athos, of whom the whole world was not worthy, those without whom there would be no Valaam.

Icons - here you can see and learn about the main icons of Valaam monastery.

Photos - in this section you will see works of our photographers and old photos that will show you Valaam in the past.

Music - here you will hear the Valaam singing, works by our musicians and the main musical albums of Valaam monastery.

Word to the reader - texts of addresses and speeches, as well as preaching by guests and the brotherhood of Valaam monastery.

links - references to other Orthodox Christian sites.

Addresses - the address of the monastery and its podvorias [city offices].

We hope that there will be people among Internet users, for whom the materials offered by us will give them pause to reflect, and to make a step towards God and The Church where He is present invisibly "to the end of time". To understand the meaning of the monk's existance in one of the most famous Russian cloisters.


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Official site of the Valaam monastery
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